About Us

One must forever strive for excellence or even perfection, in any task however small and never be satisfied with second best.

Tata, J. R. D. Letter to K. C. Bhansali, 13 September 1965.

Designed to showcase India’s car scene in a new light, carsavaar provides a dedicated corner for car enthusiasts to follow and nurture their passion. The web is literally brimming with information as we speak and it takes quite an effort for the quality-conscious to fish out something that floats their boat.

The part of digital media that focusses on automobiles, especially in India, is choked with commercial and journalistic content. We are determined to move away from this traditional style of content presentation to something more dynamic and engaging. In fact, our tagline, curating automotive goodness!, was coined to reflect this commitment of ours.

Minimalism, relevance and consistency are three pillars that hold us on the path to success. We keep our write-ups concise, always stick to the topic and never let quantity take precedence over quality. Moreover, every article is handpicked based on market trends and evaluated through several quality and readability checks. At this point, we would let our work speak for itself and count on our beloved readers to make this journey worthwhile.

As things unfold, we will share updates in this section. Watch this space.


1. Day & Night Mode

Toggle switch near the top-right corner of every webpage allows users to switch between day & night mode easily. While day mode is our default choice, it is recommended to enable night mode in low-light conditions to prevent eye strain.

2. Push Notifications

All users are prompted to enable push notifications from carsavaar on their browser. In case you’ve missed the prompt, please press the floating bell icon near the bottom-right corner to manage notification settings. We post new content every day. However, we have set a limit of 1 notification per day for each subscriber so that they don’t feel overwhelmed with this service at any point.

3. Social Media

Links to our social media accounts are available just under the Day & Night toggle button and towards the end of every webpage. We actively use social media to share industry happenings and connect closely with our audience.

4. Search

There is a search bar next to the primary navigation menu on every webpage. To search, simply type in a couple of keywords and press enter. It picks up words from within posts which can often lead to vague results. Try using more specific search terms if that’s the case.

5. Categories & Tags

Posts on carsavaar have been segmented into these self-explanatory categories: News, History, Interviews, Modifications, Sales Data, Advice and Opinion. Further, we’ve used tags to group them on the basis of car brands they relate to. Please refer to our Site Map for a detailed classification of posts and pages.

6. Navigation

All-inclusive menus at the header and footer of every webpage help users easily move around the website. These are replaced with hamburger menus on mobile devices. Moreover, sidebars are also decked out with multiple widgets such as specific menus, post lists and comment tabs to help with navigation.

7. Links

External links on our website open in a new tab. Internal links open in the same tab unless stated otherwise.


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